Experience The Nash | A Place to Hang Your Hat...

Our Mission at "The Nash" is to make you feel at home; for you to relax; and for you to experience the quaint City of Burlington, WI.

This renovated building in Burlington's Historic District was built in 1909 by Hugh Agner for his business, Guarantee Auto Company. The Studebaker, Flanders, Maxwell, Nash and Hudson were some of the automobiles sold in this building. 

The building held various businesses including a dry cleaner, gas station, pet store, hardware store, video store, candy store and restaurants too. 

Mark and Christine Zusan bought the building in 2022. 

In 1952 Christine's father bought his first used car as a gift to give his new bride. It was a 1951 Green Statesman Nash. It was only appropriate to name this building "The Nash: to pay homage to Christine's parents. 

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